How to Improve your dental health this winter

We usually don’t think about them until something is wrong. Maybe they’re not as white as we would like, or God forbid they hurt us, then we remember their importance. I’m talking about our teeth! Our teeth are responsible for the start of our digestion, which is essential to all of our body’s functions and vitality, including cardiovascular health.

From a Traditional Asian Medicine standpoint, the health of our teeth is directly related to that of our kidney energy. Our kidney energy has many important functions including reproductive health and aging. In the five elements (a foundational theory of Traditional Asian Medicine), the energy of the kidneys belongs to Water and corresponds to the winter season. While dental health is important all year round, winter can be an excellent time to improve your dental health. Here are 3 key tips: 

#1 Try oil pulling.

The ancient art of oil pulling, i.e. swishing oil in your mouth between your teeth, can help to maintain and or strengthen teeth. It’s best done in the morning before eating for anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Coconut oil is a favorite, although other oils can be used like sesame. Spit out in the garbage as to help avoid clogging drains and then rinse your mouth afterward. Oil pulling is also a great way to promote more complete eliminations and cleanse/keep our bodies clean. 

#2 Brush after meals. 

For many of us, it is commonplace to wash our hands after eating, but there have been plenty of times when I’ve taken out floss or any dental hygiene products after a meal, and gotten a stare or two, lol. Cleaning your teeth after meals helps to lessen the time that food is on your teeth, which can decrease decay. 

#3 Watch what you eat. 

Sugary and acidic foods can hurt teeth’s enamel. Make certain to eat a mixture of sea and land foods. One of my favorite books on the matter is Curing Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. There are also herbal supplements that I recommend that can help to boost teeth and bone health. Schedule your virtual consultation with me to get assistance with your health goals and to see if these herbs could be helpful to you. 


Dental health is near and dear to my heart as I had lots of teeth problems (amongst other health issues) after having my son (read more in my online bestseller A Taste Of Our Own Medicine). The above protocols were extremely helpful in reclaiming my dental health. I hope they can be helpful to you as well! 




Love (your teeth  and) being a woman, 

Dr. Danett