Healthy Gifts to Help Mamas

Give the gift of optimal health to mamas of all ages with our bundles, gift certificate and herbs!

Keeping It Healthy Mama Postnatal Support $97.00

Give that mom-to-be or new mom what is most important, the gift of health with our Keeping It Healthy Mama Postnatal Bundle! Includes Dr. Danett’s favorite picks to boost maternal health and prevent postnatal depletion:

    • • A Taste Of Our Own Medicine: 3 Vital Keys to Nurturing Mothers, Ending Postnatal Depletion(hard copy)
    • • 1 week supply of Postnatal Recovery Soup Herbs
    • • A pack of yoni (Sanskrit for vagina) steam herbs, specifically used to help make sure womb is totally clean post birth

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Keeping It Calm Bundle – $57.00

Dr. Danett’s favorite natural remedies to decrease anxiety and improve feelings of peace. Bundle comes with a 30 day supply of herbal capsules, organic lavender essential oil and 1 ounce bottle of Keeping It Calm Flower Essence blend.

Book Herb Bundle $32.00

This bundle includes a hard copy of the online bestseller A Taste Of Our Own Medicine and one bag of Postnatal Recovery Soup Herbs. Scan QR code on the back of package for video with directions on how to make the soup!

Gift Certificates

Help that mama (future, new or seasoned) get on top of her health with a gift certificate for a Virtual Consultation with Dr. Danett. Includes detailed intake, Asian Medical diagnostics, assessment of her current health goals and creation of individualized plan with dietary, herbal, lifestyle and other recommendations. Perfect for that busy mama who prioritizes everyone over herself!

Recovery Soup Herb Month Supply $80.00

Postnatal Recovery Soup Herbs is a special blend of herbs that can be added to soups to boost health, increase energy and wellbeing of the recovery of mothers postnatally, those that have been/are chronically ill, or just in need of some replenishing. Scan QR Code on the back for video of directions as to how to make the soup! Can be made with bone broth as a base, or vegetable broth for those whom are vegetarian. 4 bags included. Suggested use: 1 bag per week.

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