Hawthorn Berry: The Herb That Really Gets To The Heart Of It All!

Hawthorn Berry is an amazing herb! In Chinese herbal medicine, it is known as Shan Zha. Hawthorn berries have many wonderful benefits including: improving digestion, promoting blood circulation (which can be helpful in decreasing the negative effects of aging) and lowering blood pressure. Hawthorn can also lower bad cholesterol and encourage weight loss.

Modern research shows that Hawthorn berries “exert a wide range of cardiovascular pharmacological properties” showing that it is has antioxidant and ant-inflammatory effects as well as many other benefits (“Effects of Crataegus Usage In Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: An Evidence-Based Approach” Wang, Xiong & Feng).

In the light of cardiovascular disease being the number one cause of mortality for Black women and for human beings worldwide, taking Hawthorn Berry can be an important part of a good preventive care regimen. Those with hypertension need to monitor their blood pressure if taking Hawthorn to ensure that their blood pressure stays within a healthy range. Check with your competent medical practitioner to ensure that this herb is best suited for you. Hawthorn Berry is available in capsule or tea form and is available at most health food stores. You can also order Hawthorn by clicking here.

Take good care and love being a woman,
Dr. Danett