How Long Will Aunt Flo Stay? What The Duration Of Our Menses Tells Us.

YB Blog Nov DurationHow long you bleed is an important indicator of your yoni and overall health. The average number of days of menstruation is approximately five days. Bleeding for more than five days is problematic, as you are leaking a vital substance. Even if the bleeding is on the lighter side, it going for more than five days is your body’s way of telling you that it needs some assistance.

Excessive bleeding can indicate a possible growth, like a fibroid, or some other health concern. From a Asian Medicine standpoint, it is also an indication that some energy needs to be balanced. One common cause is that the Spleen energy may need to be strengthened. Periods that are shorter in duration, do not necessarily indicate a pathology, however if your cycle is less than three days and very light, it could indicate the need for some energies to be strengthened and or moved. More to come!

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Dr. Danett

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