Down to the Wire: Healthy Bra Choices

June Down To Wire Bra

Isn’t this what we all want… enough support to be healthy and at our best, but not so much that it hinders us, inhibits our flow, and ultimately makes us sick? Well, it would seem that our breasts want the same thing.

In terms of attire, we have so many colors, fabrics and styles to choose from. We have bras for almost every occasion, for the gym, the strapless dress, to the sexy ones we may like to wear for ourselves, or ahem… a special date. Regardless of the occasion, everything seems to go so much better, when we know we are making a healthy choice. Therefore, it makes sense that health should be an all-occasion factor when choosing a bra.

“Wire or no wire” has been a big controversy, though more women’s health practitioners are giving a thumbs down to the wire. From a Asian Medical standpoint, any inability for your blood and qi (life energy) to flow can cause problems anywhere. Around the breasts is a very important area where qi needs to flow. Many channels exist, but a key channel, the liver channel, does its best when its qi can move with ease.

Health-wise, it is important that whatever bra you wear has the right fit. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and silk, are better choices, as our body literally breathes what is on and/or around us.

For many of us who wear bras, the first thing that we inherently do is remove it as soon as we are in the privacy of our homes. That is a good practice to keep! In the end, there are ways to not have to compromise “sexy” for “health and comfort”. Companies like The Organic Company and Blue Canoe offer a vast selection of bras for if/when you would like to wear one.

Here’s to health and happiness for you and your breasts!

Love being a woman,
Dr. Danett