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10-Day Non-Detox Detox


A detox can be the perfect way to get a fresh start in the new year. But, did you know that detoxing at some times of the year can be more harmful to the body? In the winter months, when the weather is colder our bodies work harder than any other season to keep itself warm. 


Fall and spring are the ideal times to do a detox. Nevertheless, the new year can be quite an important time to establish or re-establish healthy eating patterns. So, we’ve put together the Non-Detox Detox. Unlike many other detoxes that were created without this very important awareness, the Non-Detox Detox helps you to detox the excesses from the holidays, establish healthy eating patterns and most importantly do so in a way that supports your body’s healing wisdom, as shown in nature.


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1 Bottle of Detox Powder
1 Bottle of High Quality Cod Liver Oil
How To Winterize Your Detox PDF (With Foods to Help Boost Your Vitality And Sample Meal Plan)
Tips To Continue To Improve Wellness Post Non-Detox Detox Winter
Solstice Wellness Plan