New Yoni’s Resolution #3: Your Yoni & Family Planning

The choices that we make regarding sex and family planning can have an enormous impact on our health as women in the short and long run. If your family planning is at all a little fuzzy, let’s make a resolution to clear it up. Click here to learn more, put it into practice if you […]

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What goes up… Why sex during your menses is bad for your health

Over the years I’ve heard some heterosexual couples say that they feel the safest to have sex during their menstruation, as they feel like this is the best time to not get pregnant. Well, anytime you have sex, pregnancy is a possibility, Secondly, if you are having sex during your menstruation, you are doing a […]

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Let’s talk about sex!

Sex can be such a healthy activity! It can boost your immune system, and be an excellent way to burn calories. It can be a sacred way to share intimacy. Not to mention, it can be great for the emotional health and well being of a relationship. Sex can also be complicated for any number […]

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A Tale of Two Condoms

Since our yonis went back to school, why not revisit a classic book that I think many of us at least in the US had to read, A Tale of Two Cities, but for our purposes, A Tale of Two Condoms. Yes, that’s right, yours truly made the sacrifice of trying out two newer condom […]

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Almost Doesn’t Count: Being Consistent!!

Just a reminder that whatever your family planning is… you must be consistent. Some of the times is not enough. Whatever you are using or doing must be done EVERY TIME to get your desired results. Enjoy! Love being a woman, Dr. Danett

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