Bustin’ Out: Stand Up for Your Breasts- Part 2

June Standing Up Breast 2
















One of the things that we are commonly having to deal with is exposure to environmental pollutants. They can come in just about anyway that our body can receive from the environment. Case in point: Our water. For this reason, using filtered water not just for drinking, but also for showering, is important. When we take warm or hot showers, our pores open up and receive the water… along with whatever the water is carrying with it.  Click to TweetUsing a water filter (to drink AND shower) helps your breasts to be less exposed to chemicals found in water. Stand up for your breasts!

It is also really important to think about what else we put on or around our breasts.  Deodorant are so close to the breasts (and also at lymph nodes) and can affect our bodies. So let’s make it a positive effect. If you don’t already do so, consider using a natural deodorant. For those of you who don’t use natural deodorant because you have found they don’t work, I suggest trying out liquid crystal deodorant. There are companies like Nature’s Gate and Weleda that make good deodorants.  I suggest that if you want to make sure that it works well for you, try them on a day off where you won’t be around lots of people, so that you are not self conscious about it. Keep in mind that you may need to use more natural deodorant, than you would with a non-natural one.  That makes sense, because it is the chemicals in the non-natural deodorant, that make it effective. But at the potential cost of your health, a natural deodorant is much better in the long run.

Also, next to our breast, is our bra. Natural fabrics and materials are healthiest for our body. As our skin literally breathes what is on it. Tune in to our next blog for ways to pick a healthy bra.

Love being a woman,
Dr. Danett