Balance is key!

August Blog Balance“Yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, oh my!” Okay, so the Wizard of Oz didn’t quite go like that, but these unwanted guests can show up and make you wish you could just click your heels three times and send them home. Any dark, moist environment can breed pathogens/bacteria, and our yonis are no different. However with proper care, you can keep your yoni healthy, happy and pathogen free!

A midwife who I really love has “gyn-ecology” on her business card, referring to the fact that our yonis are unique natural habitats. Ecology can be thought of as ‘the relationships and interactions between organisms and their environment’. Having a healthy yoni environment is all about maintaining balance.

To keep an optimal ecology within our yoni, we must sustain healthy organisms, rather than yeast or other pathogens. This is best accomplished by consuming a diet that does not promote “dampness” or “heat”. Chinese Medicine closely examines these two key factors since they both predominate during the summer.

Stay tuned to learn how we can maintain our yoni health, while it’s HOT!

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett