Backpack For Your Yoni

YB Sept Blog Backpack 2015Next, on our yoni “back to school” checklist is a backpack. Here are a few items to consider having on hand for your yoni. For those who experience PMS, it’s no fun. Peppermint tea and Xiao Yao Wan (a Chinese herbal formula) are two items that can really help that time of the month. If your PMS is often severe, or you have other women’s reproductive health issues, consider scheduling an appointment for individualized care and recommendations.

For your cycle, there are so many options of hygiene products (some of which we will discuss in upcoming blogs!). It never hurts to have a good old fashioned pad on hand, whether that is your regular go to or not. Why? Well, if you are the kind of gal that walks with soap, that’s one thing, but many of us do not. There is nothing worse than being out and having to use a public bathroom without soap. Applying a tampon is a ‘no no’ without clean hands. Pads ensure the least amount of direct contact with our yonis, and the germs that may be on our hands. Who needs one more thing to worry about? My favorite pads are Naturacare and Seventh Generation, for their use of natural fibers, which is essential for yonis.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett