Back To The Middle (B2M) is a holistic health practice catering to the needs of women. Offering a full range of treatments, B2M assists women with natural, safe and effective health care.

B2M addresses the total spectrum of reproductive health issues including (but not limited to): PMS, fibroids, menstrual cycle complaints, menopause, fertility treatments, labor preparation, undiagnosed conditions and emotional care.

The signature Back To The Middle Method utilizes the natural cycles and signals of the body to help women find relief, relaxation and answers to their health concerns. All treatment plans are individualized and include systemic stress reduction, preventive care and seasonal attuning. The B2M Method guides short and long-term health goals, and gives personalized direction towards optimal health and longevity.

Back To The Middle is nestled in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Meet the founder, Danett C. Bean.

B2M Method

Basic Services

Services are selected based on patient health goals and health presentation. One service (or a combination) will be used as part of your treatment plan.


B2M assists women with the unique needs that accompany the varying stages of life.


“Balance is where health begins”, says Dr. Bean. Learn the invaluable rewards of finding one’s center.

More At The Middle

Explore some of the other services offered at Back to the Middle.


Auricular or Ear Acupuncture is a system of acupuncture that uses the ear as a microsystem of the entire body.

qi gong

A unique style of qi gong specifically designed for women to help boost overall health and improve relaxation.


Workshops and classes that explore tools vital to wellness, women’s healthcare and seasonal alignment.


Intimate classes where you can learn to reduce stress and enjoy better health.


Browse our selection of herbs, supplements and products designed to help you find your middle.

Yonibox Blog

Yoni…Sanskrit for vagina, the womb and all of its parts. Translates to “sacred temple”.
Yoni Box…finally, a place to name and claim it. Love being a woman.


“When I reflect on the treatment I have received at Back to the Middle from Dr. Danett Bean, I am filled with such gratitude. New to acupuncture, I was nervous about needles but Dr. Bean put me at ease with her sensitive…

“I had a horrible-ish pregnancy with my 3rd child. I had never gone to my due date and I was pretty much there ready for this baby to come out. Dr. Bean did some points on me and I got some rest, then went into labor in the morning. By the time the midwife came…

“When I decided to take care of myself more I was introduced to Dr. Bean’s Feminine Balance herbal supplement. I open it up and take it as a tea first thing in the morning. I felt the difference right away, it left me feeling more whole, like…

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