A Tale of Two Condoms

YB Sept Ovulation BlogSince our yonis went back to school, why not revisit a classic book that I think many of us at least in the US had to read, A Tale of Two Cities, but for our purposes, A Tale of Two Condoms. Yes, that’s right, yours truly made the sacrifice of trying out two newer condom brands for the sake of humanity and science. Just joking. It was quite a wonderful assignment and writing this blog was the perfect excuse, ha ha and now on to our feature presentation.

Long gone the days of the standard choice of Trojan, Rough Rider and my own personal favorite back in the day Lifestyles. Move over, there’s a new category of condoms, ones that are natural and sustainable. Oh yes! Right there in Whole Foods, on a less obvious shelf is the gateway to healthier condom choices. Companies Sustain and Sir Richards.

Sir Richards “Love. Lust. Freedom” are certified vegan condoms that are also PETA approved (meaning they have got the thumbs up from animal activist as no animals were harmed in its manufacturing). Sustain, also vegan and PETA approved and 50% women owned. Both companies, are ethical and extremely progressive. Sir Richards offers Ultra Thin, Classic Ribbed and Pleasure Dots. While Sustain offers Ultra Thin, Comfort Fit and Tailored Fit. To be fair I am only going to compare the Ultra thin, as that is what they both offer. Let me say both condoms were pleasant and nonirritating. For me, they both felt a lot lighter and cleaner than other traditional condom brands. I mean, you can really tell that these aren’t your run of the mill condoms.

For my yoni, Sustain won. I’m sure the design of the box didn’t hurt (for God’s sake, the box had bamboo on it. Bamboo condoms, I’ve got bamboo condoms!!!). But I must say, Sir Richards Classic Ribbed were just divine. So, for Ultra Thin, Sustain won, but for what I consider to be more directly pleasurable options, Sir Richards won. Sir Rich slogan of “Chemicals aren’t sexy” is so true. Try them out for yourself and enjoy. For me, I can just say, “It was the best of times, and it was the best times”. Okay, I’m no Charles Dickens.

Love being a woman,

Dr. Danett