According to Traditional Asian Medicine, one of the oldest medical systems in existence, women go through cycles every seven years. As these phases occur, the natural substances of the body, wax and wane, like that of the moon. When these natural cycles are observed and supported, the woman has improved health, and the potential for increased vitality and longevity in future stages of health. With an Asian Medical specialization in women’s health and geriatrics, and more than 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Danett Bean has crafted or selected the remedies in her online store with a keen understanding of preventive care strategies that help women in the short and long term experience improved quality of life. 

Experience the premier collection of natural remedies and educational tools to assist us women to be healthier at each stage of life. 

Select the phase that best represents your current reproductive health phase:

Congratulations, you are a Goji Gal™!

The herb goji helps to promote two substances understood in Traditional Asian Medicine as being vital to the body and our health as women- blood and essence. Goji Gals are full of both of these extremely important substances. When certain meridians of the body are open and conditions are right, out pours what is called the first “heavenly gui” or menstrual period. The health that is established before and after this miraculous time is instrumental in the well-being throughout life. 
Health Goals for Goji Gals: To keep them as close to their natural state as they were conceived, protect them from potentially negative resulting factors, including but not limited to pthalates, chemicals and other potential hormone alterers, emotional, physical and spiritual traumas. Promote the free flow of their energy by ensuring they get proper exercise and allowing them safe spaces to express about their life such as red tents. 


rEcommended for You Goji Gals:

The teenage years can be both wonderful and complex. This safe yet effective flower essence blend can help support teenagers through transitions, increase/maintain confidence and self love.

Price: 1 oz bottle: $20/ 2 oz bottle: $30

Acupuncture and or herbs can be help girls and young women have healthier and pain free periods. Click here to schedule a virtual or in person appointment with Dr. Danett here

Congratulations, you are a Dang Gui Dame!

Dang Gui Dames are at their fully matured physical state. Because their health tends to be very good during this time, they don’t necessarily give as much thought and action to keeping up their well-being. However, because such important decisions and habits are formed during this time, it is essential to learn and implement a healthy lifestyle, if they haven’t done so already. Setting up and maintaining a good stress management regimen is also essential. 

Health Goals for Dang Gui Dames: Education and implementation of healthy lifestyle practices and stress management regimen. 


Recommended for you Dang Gui Dames:

Our Easy Does It Formula, is perfect at helping to balance energies that can easily get out of wack. This blend can help to eliminate irritability, breast tenderness and other associated PMS symptoms, as well as digestive issues and the negative effects that stress can have on the body. Not to be taken while pregnant, breastfeeding or if experiencing hot flashes. 
Price: 1 month supply: $56
Genetics and unhealthy living can contribute to fibroids and other growths. Click here to download our FREE Fibroid Prevention Guide.

Congratulations, you are a Licorice Lady!

Licorice, also known as Gan Cao is one of the most treasured herbs in the Chinese Medical pharmacopoeia. This is because it brings sweetness and very importantly is able to enter all of the main energy channels of the body. This is the same for Licorice Ladies. You name the roll of what is needed and they will play it- teacher, friend, mother, sister, wife, etc. Such flexibility and reach is amazing and the bedrock and glue of society, however too much flexibility and overreach can cause one to burnout, become resentful and or negatively impact health and their quality of life in the next and upcoming cycles of seven.

Health Goals for Licorice Ladies: Prioritize one’s own health and give from a full place. Balance periods of activity with inactivity, as to not overwork or over do it. Maintain oneself to be “healthy with options”, i.e. being able to create a baby, achieve career goals, or any dream, without compromising vital energies and substances which begin to decrease at age 35.


Recommended for you Licorice Ladies:

Feminine Balance For Women 35 And Up:

Feminine Balance For Women 35 And Up is specifically designed to support optimal health naturally by enhancing the important energies of the body that decline with age. Feminine Balance For Women 35 And Up supports reproductive wellness, healthy aging, metabolism and energy levels.
Price : 1 Month Supply: $68/ 3 Month Seasonal Supply: $204 (FREE Shipping)  


Fertility For 35 And Up Program:

Looking to conceive or need assistance with maintaining your fertility? Our online self paced program has essential information to support you on your journey to motherhood. Click here for more info.

Congratulations, you are a Rehmannia Radiant!

Whether you are looking to conceive, done with having children, or not a mama you are a Rehmannia Radiant! Rehmannia is one of the most important herbs used in Traditional Asian Medicine to strengthen yin energy, which is a vital cooling substance to the body. As we get closer to menopause, yin energy naturally decreases. If health was properly tended to, life can be a dream. If however, a woman has led an unhealthy lifestyle, not prioritized herself, and or did not lead a balanced work life, unpleasant menopause symptoms and health issues can arise. 

Health Goals of Rehmannia Radiant: Strengthen yin energy, balance hormones and lifestyle.


Recommended for you Rehmannia RadianTS

Our botanical blend gently assists the body to diminish the unpleasant signs of menopause including hot flashes, irritability and sleep difficulties.
Price: 1 month supply: $52

If you’ve never done a cleanse, or it’s been a long time since you’ve done one, this can be a good time to do so. 10, 21 and 28 day cleanses are available, but a consultation is required first to ensure that it is a good next step for you. To schedule your virtual complimentary consultation, click here.

Congratulations, you are a Hawthorn Hottie!

Long gone are the feelings of insecurities and taking health and life for granted, these ladies are living their best life! With menopause complete or on its way out (often along with the children if if there were any), now without question, the body indicates that if it was not done already, to focus on it. It is essential to keep what in Traditional Asian Medicine is considered to be the monarch of the body, the heart in its best shape. This is particularly with cardiovascular disease being the number one cause of mortality. Simultaneously, assistance with attaining and maintaining healthy weight is key for overall wellness and to decrease associated risk factors with obesity. 

Health Goals of Hawthorne Hotties: Maintain good cardiovascular health and optimal weight, preserve the energy of the Kidneys.


Recommended for you Hawthorne Hotties:

Our anti-aging formula helps the body to release unhealthy cholesterol, promotes hair growth and healthy vision. It also safely strengthens the heart, which is looked at in Traditional Asian Medicine as the monarch of the body.
Price: 1 month supply: $44
Cool it Now Yoni Moisturizing Kit
Vaginal dryness is no one’s friend, luckily our Cool It Now Yoni Moisturizing Kit has just what you need to help your yoni (Sanskrit term for vagina) get back on track! This kit includes herbal capsules and yoni steaming herbs that naturally assists healthy tissues and lubrication of the vagina. Helpful for vaginal itching, burning, painful sex and getting your groove back. 
*Please note a 5 minute consultation is required to be able to purchase kit to make sure that it will safely work for you. Consultation is FREE and is done via phone or computer. Click here to schedule. 
If you’ve never done a cleanse, or it’s been a long time since you’ve done one, this can be a good time to do so. 10, 21 and 28 day cleanses are available, but a consultation is required first to ensure that it is a good next step for you. Click here to schedule a virtual or in person appointment with Dr. Danett.

Congratulations you are an Elder Berry!

While some elders may get smaller in stature as they age, they still can pack a punch! The thickness of elderberry syrup is an important reminder of how from a traditional Asian Medical perspective circulation of blood and energy tends to become slower as we age. A strong emphasis is placed on improving circulation, strengthening kidney energy, essence and supporting lung energy which can be compromised and further complicated by accumulated loss.

Health Goals of Elder Berries: Improve circulation of qi/energy and blood, strengthen overall energy, as well as that of the lungs and kidneys.


Loss and Found Tincture 
Natural and safe support that can assist those whom have experienced loss. Safe for the elderly and anyone on medications, as well as for those who have miscarried.
Price: 1 oz bottle: $20/ 2 oz bottle: $30

Quality whole food and natural based supplements are available to safely boost energy, as well as assist with varying health issues, however a consultation is required. Click here to schedule a FREE virtual or in person appointment with Dr. Danett. 

Congratulations, you are a Mulberry Mama!

Whether you are expecting, have a young child, teenager or adult child, you are a Mulberry Mama! In the Chinese Herbal pharmacopoeia, mulberry gently strengthens extremely important aspects of the body, similar to how a mother nourishes her offspring. Still in all of this, it is important to remember that pregnancy and labor can be one of the most intense physical activities that a living being can do. And the life long responsibility for another, while keeping your health as a priority can be a challenge.
If you are pregnant, reading Dr. Danett’s online bestseller, A Taste Of Our Own Medicine is extremely important for you, your partner, as well as anyone else that will be around your family as you prepare for this amazing time. Available in paperback and Kindle.



This bundle includes a hard copy of the online bestseller A Taste Of Our Own Medicine and one bag of Postnatal Recovery Soup Herbs. Scan QR code on the back of package for video with directions on how to make the soup!
Price: $32 

Our special blend of herbs can be added to soups to boost health, increase energy and well-being of  mothers postnatally. (Also helps in recovery of, post surgery, chronic illnesses and those with heavy periods). Scan QR Code on the back for video of directions as to how to make the soup! Can be made with bone broth as a base, or vegetable broth for those whom are vegetarian.
Price: Monthly Supply: $80/ Seasonal Supply: $240. Suggested use: 1 bag per week

Please note Dr. Danett offers a range of services for new mothers. Click here to learn more. 
Individualized Assistance
If you have noticed that your health has not seemed quite right since giving birth, whether it was recently or a long time ago, you may have Postnatal Depletion, an often overlooked condition that can affect new mothers, as well as for years to come. You may benefit from an individualized regimen, that includes supplements, herbs, lifestyle, etc.
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