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“Providing integrative, ancient and innovative health solutions to help black and brown women increase their lifespan and healthspan.”

Fibroid Prevention

Ready to help your body towards preventing fibroid growth and the heavy periods and other issues that can accompany them? Start your journey towards helping prevent the growth of fibroids with the Not For The Masses Fibroids Out With Inflammation Program.”



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Acupuncture & Acupressure

Nutritional Supplements & Lifestyle Support

“I’m so thankful for the Not For The Masses Out With Inflammation Program. The flare-ups of inflammation I use to have are way down and my cycle is the healthiest that it has been! Last I was checked, I had no fibroids. I’m looking forward to continuing to follow the program."


Prenatal & Postnatal

Help prepare your body for a healthy labor and delivery.
Then, replenish and nourish yourself postnatally,

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Current Specials

“Boost your wellness with special recommendations based on the season to help keep you well!

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Maternal Morbidity
& Mortality

Want to help a mom be her healthiest?
Order A Taste Of Our Own Medicine

A Taste of Our Own Medicine

Essential reading for any future or current mothers and fathers, for those who care about them and our communities!

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version!

“In giving us A Taste Of Our Own Medicine, Dr. Danett has brought much needed attention to the often overlooked but very significant health of the mother postnatally. Her wisdom, love, and caring shines through as she marks a key step towards the preservation of women’s health.”


Ray Morgan, OMD, PHD

Work with Dr Danett


Dr. Danett Bean

Dr. Danett Is Available For Virtual Speaking Engagements, Particularly As Focused On Improving Maternal Health And Decreasing Racial Health Disparities.

“What an honor to have Dr. Danett speak at our event. Her information is spot on and the audience was completely engaged. I highly recommend her!”

E.L., Brooklyn, NY

Health Consultations

Dr. Danett is available for one on one health consultations. Click here for more information

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