Dr. Danett Bean

Women's health specialist, author, speaker.

Dr. Danett Bean (Doctor of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine) is committed to assisting women to attain and maintain physical, emotional and spiritual health during this crucial time of COVID-19. Please follow the recommendations from the CDC.




Schedule 5 minutes of one on one time with Dr. Danett to see if/how she can be of assistance to you in meeting your health goals and being prepared in this changing world.

Improving Birth Outcomes

Looking for help in having a healthy and safe pregnancy and labor? Dr. Danett can help.

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The Full Keeping It Healthy Mama Program
Supports Maternal Health (Future, Pregnancy, Postnatal and Long Term)

Mission Statement

“Helping future and current mothers increase their wellness and longevity using the wisdom of Traditional Asian Medicine.”


Dr. Danett Is Available For Speaking Engagements, Particularly As Focused On Improving Maternal Health And Decreasing Racial Health Disparities.

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