Dr. Danett Bean

Doctor of Acupuncture & Asian Medicine

Mission Statment: “Helping future and current mothers of all ages increase their wellness and longevity using the wisdom of Traditional Asian Medicine.”

Helping Mother Of All Ages Be Healthy

Future and current mothers of all ages need assistance to be their healthiest. Helping mothers to be healthy may decrease maternal mortality (mothers dying during pregnancy, labor, or as a result) and maternal morbidity (any physical or mental illness or disability directly related to pregnancy and/or childbirth). The healthier mothers are, the more their children, family, communities and the world thrives.

Keeping it healthy mama program

To help mothers be their healthiest, we offer the Keeping It Healthy Mama Program, which consists of 5 tracks:

Future and current mothers can go to any track for products and virtual services to support there wellness.

Keeping It Fresh Track: Fertility Support

Balancing health and improving wellness before pregnancy!

Keeping It Healthy Mama Track: Pregnancy Support

Keeping you healthy during pregnancy and from week 36 on preparing for a safe and efficient labor!

Keeping It Healthy Mama Track: Postnatal Support

Rebuilding and replenishing you after giving birth!

Keeping It 100 Track: Healthy Aging Support

Optimizing health so you can enjoy good quality health and longevity!

Keeping It Calm Track: Emotional Support

Balanced emotions at every stage for mental, physical and spiritual wellness!

A Taste Of Our Own Medicine

Essential reading for any future or current mothers and fathers, for those who care about them and our communities!

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version!

Healthy Gifts To Help Mamas

Want to give a mother the essential gift of health? Our gift certificates, health bundles and more are just the thing!



Let Dr. Danett help you get on track with your health from the comfort of your home via virtual consultation! Start by scheduling your complimentary evaluation here!

Dr. Danett Is Available For Speaking Engagements, Particularly As Focused On Improving Maternal Health And Decreasing Racial Health Disparities.

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